The choices we make don't just effect what we do today, they effect tomorrow as well. 

To us, building 'green' isn't just a cliche - it's also good business.


"Blue Crete" is a Green Alternative to Portland Cement. Our cement is an exceptionally high performance concrete. Blue Crete out performs Portland "hands down". We have demonstrated this with worldwide, testing the exceptional strength, both in compression and tensile while also demonstrating other high performance characteristics.

We have discovered a building material which is not only clean, inexpensive, but has extreme high-performance characteristics which cannot be matched by Portland

We aim to:

High-Performance characteristics of Blue Crete:

The Green difference:

So whether we're talking about building homes, infrastructure, precast applications, filling toxic mines, or well holes. Blue Crete is the go to product.

Imagine a concrete material that has the ability to neutralize other toxic materials. Imagine no further that's Blue Crete's most valuable characteristic.

Pelletizing fly ash wet or dry, for further extraction of precious metals or for use in various industries. Our technology for pelletizing consumes less energy dries quicker and costs less than other forms of pelletizing. 


Waste product of aluminum extraction