Blue World Sciences Inc. announces after 11 years of research: 

Concrete building materials for today and the future

Blue Crete
The Complete Green Alternative to Portland Cement

The choices we make do not just effect today, they effect tomorrow as well. 

Building Blue is building Green.

To us, building 'green' isn't just a cliche - it's also good business.

Blue Crete, a cutting edge technology in the concrete industry, is now ready for licensing and distribution.  For more information about our other technologies go to our website or call us at (954) 907-1823.

Blue Crete can be utilized 4 different ways:

The extensive list can be seen here, but here is a short list of the primary characteristics.

A new to market, totally green concrete manufacturing process.

Low Carbon Footprint, Low Energy Consumption, Low cost production  costs, low cost  facility cost, no quarries necessary, no ovens, no release of toxic materials into the atmosphere or water reserves.

Outperforms Portland Cement, stronger, lighter, higher insulation characteristics, covalent and monolithic bonding, cost-effective, and exceeds the economic challenge of traditional Portland Cement (OPC). Metal rebar will not rust when coated with Blue Crete. Structural integrity, waterproof, resistant to acid and alkaline, can be mixed using salt water. Next-Gen construction and pre-cast products.

Faster tower construction, faster precast production, rapid and higher compression strengths, incredible tensile strength, lessens the need for insulation, increases the ability to use natural onsite aggregates, works like, feels like, applies the same, as Portland cement, only better. On site cement production possible.

About us

High performance. Sustainability. Green.
At Blue World Crete, all of these concepts go hand in hand with helping you become a better builder. As stewards for the environment, we’re passionate about improving the world we live in….

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Set new standards for green construction. Blue World Crete’s high-performance, lower-cost, low-carbon cement, gives you and your clients the power of one of the most environmentally friendly building materials, ever!

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Create & promote facilities that are more responsible and sustainable places to do business. Learn more about how professionals in your field can leverage the power of Geo-Blue Crete.

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